Leatherhead Food Research: how we can help you

We are the scientific and regulatory affairs consultancy of choice for the world’s leading food and beverage brands.

Every day, we support organisations with global regulations: label checks and translations, claims substantiations, ingredients compliance checks, horizon scanning, entering new global markets, and even bringing novel ingredients to market. 

Please contact (membership@leatherheadfood.com) our dedicated bob投注平台 hip team to arrange a no-commitment call to discuss your exact needs for support that suit your company best.


We’ve been helping organisations just like yours for more than 100 years

You can find out more about us and see what some of our members say about us here.

What do you get from a Leatherhead bob投注平台 hip?

  • On-tap and fast regulatory support as and when you need it through a prepaid bank of ‘helpline hours’ that you use to answer your enquiries and when you have resource or knowledge gaps.
  • Priority access to our specialists, including regulatory experts, food scientists and native language speakers.
  • A like-minded community with regular global regulatory updates and industry news, member-only events such as webinars or our exclusive Member Days where you can network and learn with your peers from global food and beverage companies.
  • Discounts on all our services. In fact, some of our members receive so many discounts in their membership year, the annual cost of the bob投注平台 hip is completely offset against the discounts received.  Commercially, membership can pay for itself.
  • You can see a more comprehensive list of our services and areas of expertise here.

bob投注平台 hip packages start from just £5,350 per annum for our entry level bronze tier.

How have our bob投注平台 hip packages improved?

  • Faster service and helpline enquiry turnaround times: at our higher tiers of membership, we aim to answer your enquiry within 48 hours
  • More online member events
  • Greater flexibility in how you use your helpline hours
  • More people in your company can use the service (at bronze and silver tiers)
  • A dedicated Account Manager (for silver and above tiers)
  • Silver members and above get our accuracy guarantee


bob投注平台 hip of Leatherhead is subject to Leatherhead’s Terms & Conditions and bob投注平台 hip Benefits and Service Level Conditions as updated from time to time.

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bob投注平台 hip

bob投注平台 hip of Leatherhead gives access to the member helpline for advice on regulations, product development, nutrition, safety and consumer research.


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